Sunday, October 19, 2008

In The Beginning And The End

We started this blog on the 19th of October 2008. It lasted until the 8th of June 2025, at which point, it was no longer needed.

Every possible eventuality, involving truly serious hurt or harm upon the human race (or the planet), was warned about and acted upon.

Because of things we, quite honestly, simply can’t talk about, we chose to not keep any of the posts relating to the future. We know now exactly who does what, when and we can simply bypass this, now redundant, step in the process.

We developed numerous friendships over the years. Many of you reading this right now came to know us personally. We came to care for each other, rather than simply seeing our interaction with you as a job.

You will never know how grateful we are for what you did.

Know that even though your lives, thankfully, are now a lot more mundane, you have the potential for so much more.

The things you did for us will always be remembered, if only by us.


Anonymous said...

I turned 18 on October 19, 2008.

Wingless Viet said...

I have no idea what this was nor waht is said, but somehow, I feel as if this has helped so many.

I may not know what used to be held in these cyber pages but in some odd way this letter has helped me.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

wow, amazing :)